why are toddlers so goddamn cute when they’re not being chaos monsters

wow i miss my kid super bad this weekend

like, every weekend they go to the co-parents’ house, this is not new, but idk i just really miss them right now

yesterday they hugged me and said “i wuv you very much” and my heart melted into a puddle.

I’m still figuring out the culture of micro.blog. Like… Is it okay to just reply to a post if I like it or have something to say? I don’t want to be the annoying asshole crashing into people’s mentions, but I do want to interact.

my daisy is open! love my tiny made-out-of-boxes garden 🌱

a large white daisy growing in a pot in my yard

that means i am getting gay married in TWO MONTHS

feels surreal saying that

so after what feels like an eternity of delays with visas and red tape and pandemics my fiance is finally actually coming home from the us in two weeks

a longer post

Alright, let’s try a longer post and see how those work/look?

… I always feel so selfconscious when I’m trying to start a new account or new site or whatever, which doesn’t make any fucking sense because… nobody’s reading! This should be the time I feel least selfconscious! but yeah, I don’t know, something about not feeling ~established here makes me feel like I should be trying extra super hard to be entertaining. but this certainly isn’t going to entertain anyone.

Teeny tiny baby tomatoes 🌱

Some very small green tomatoes growing on a tomato plant

kid: put food in the oven… to make it nice and clean

me: uh

some mushrooms i saw yesterday (and bonus toddler)

small brown mushrooms growing in the grass, a toddler is crouching down in the background

kid didn’t go to sleep until 1am last night, because they apparently evolved past the need for sleep

sadly, i have not, so I’m a zombie today

me: gamification doesn’t really work for me

also me: ooooh i got four pins on this site already?? that’s so cool :

oh damn there is some beautiful photography on this site <3

(site? collection of sites?)

still in the process of figuring this out and deciding if it’s for me. not sure if i wanna just stick with mastodon/write.as at the moment or try something else.